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past or future!


part 2

saat ini, tepat saat nulis postingan ini. gue galau
 ya gue akui klo gue galau.
 jarang kan kalao gue galau.
 yaa anggep aja dinamika hidup
 bosen klo ceria mulu

 trolololol I'm kidding babes✌👯
 my life is too precious to spend by kegalauan kkkkk

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jobless part 1

hai bloggerrrrrsss!
 ini saatnya buat ngshare pengalaman betapa susahnya nyari kerjaan *deep sighs*. well, seperti yg (mungkin) kalian tahu, gue udah lama banget ga ada kerjaan alias jdi pengangguran setelah dinyatakan sebagai Sarjana Pertanian since August 2013. dulu bermimpi, semakin cepat dapet gelar sarjana, semakin cepat pula kerja trus bisa foyafoya pake gaji TERNYATA SALAH BANGET

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test for another appp

For this one, I'm using blogger-android. It's quite simple than blogaway. But same like blogaway, icon like doesn't appear on screen. This application would you to post with this style which one blogaway couldnt.

Well, I'm keep seacrhing for the best and simple one for blogging. Any recomend maybe??

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Test for new application!!!

For this post, I'm using Blogaway for my galaxytab2, I also download some application like blogeroid, and others. This is my first time write on blog through on an android application. I was ever tried to use Blogger application, but that app really horrible, I even can't log in to any account. Hope this application match on my gadget as well, and I will give recomend for you~~


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