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Block B Facts

bi-el-o-si-key B!!

likes girls who look good in short hair. 
♥ trained for one year
♥ was in a band when he was a highschool junior. He was the guitarist and the sub-vocal.
♥ name has a meaning too. Yu meaning 'to have' and Kwon meaning 'Power'. So overall, his name means 'To have power'
♥ idolizes Bruno Mars and Avant.
♥ weight dropped from 71 kg to 63 kg.
♥ the mother of the group because he cleans.
♥ likes reading detective novels.
♥ does the laundry.
♥ enjoys watching Japanese dramas
♥ played the song 'Deadly' by 10 CM to get back to Block B's line up.

♥  likes hats
♥  can sleep while he's sitting in a relax position
♥  wants to bury Kyung in the cucumber field when he dies
♥  checks himself in the mirror too much
♥  likes Chris Brown. He said that Chris is a great dancer and singer.

Take from:
@ FactsontheBlock

♥  likes gentle girls who don't often go out.
♥  sleeps without pants
♥  a former member of B2ST
♥  According to P.O. JaeHyo 's ringtone is A Pink's I Dont Know.
♥  first thought of Cho PD as a guy with nice skin. With that, he immediately told himself that Cho PD was the CEO
♥  a close friend of IU.
♥  got his knee injury because of working to hard.
♥  likes eating at fast food chains.
♥  has a lot of upper body strength but is lacking lower body strength.
♥  According to JaeHyo, his 'Tell Them' outfit is like a cabbage farmer's.
♥  According to Taeil, JaeHyo is the best looking member of Block B.
♥  touched by Wheesung's songs.
♥  (JaeHyo 's favorite things)
Zico: JaeHyo is a hyung that has a handsome face, but a pure sensibility. He’s like a child, but he’s also the hyung so he’s kind of greedy in that he won’t ever let go of his three favorite things: food, girl groups, and rest.
 Zico: His preference in food is fast food, and girl groups.. Mmm, kind of dangerous to reveal, but he likes a newly debuted group associated with the color pink.

♥  was a former member of SHINee
♥  loves Hello Kitty
♥  always carry around books
♥  first thought of Cho PD as an uncle because he looked like one.
♥  U-kwon thinks that Zico has the most fangirls among them
♥  thinks that he looks dark and evil.
♥  currently using a Hello Kitty bedsheet.
♥  using an Internet Explorer browser.
♥  relieves stress through shopping
♥  admits that he still lacks dancing skills and promised to work harder.
♥  According to Zico , aegyo is not hiphop
♥  likes things neat and organized
♥  loves shopping
♥  getting sick of Hello Kitty presents from his fans these days.
♥ biggest celebrity role model is Drake
♥  was already composing and recording songs even before his debut.
♥  became a trainee right away after meeting Cho PD.

♥  Cutest maknae P.O obviously likes cute girls, like 2NE1's Dara and f(x)'s Sulli 
♥  always bring his MP3 player with him
♥  loves to use the “peace sign” pose. adorable magnae
♥  thinks that Cho PD has greater body than what he looks like on TV.
♥  According to U-kwon, P.O. is charismatic on stage and is an adorable maknae off stage.
♥  U-kwon thinks that P.O. has a lot of fangirls too
♥  loves nachos.
♥  idolizes Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.
♥  came from Pyo
♥  says he's like Piglet.
♥  did a freestyle rap at one of MBC's show with his friend, Jaeho.
♥  was called the 'fake maknae' because of his deep voice.
♥  According to JaeHyo, P.O. doesn't always act like a maknae.
♥  Jihoon's hair was an afro during his freshman days.
♥  Jihoon wore glasses when he was still a high school freshman.
♥  “Oh, and another thing is that I never thought he’d become so handsome when I first met him, but he really did become very cool. His cuteness turned into a charm which is pretty surprising. Both his heart and his physical look… have become prettier. I think he’s always improving.”
— JaeHyo  (Complimenting P.O.) 

Take from:
@ FactsontheBlock

Park Kyung
♥  talks in his sleep (so loud he wakes roommates JaeHyo and Zico up!)
♥  prefers to be called a carrot rather than a cucumber.
♥  Kyung's name means Bible. His parents chose that name for him since they were Christians.
♥  Kyung is a Christian.
♥  has a younger brother named Park Chan
♥  “Park Kyung is like Block B’s endorphin. He’s always energizing the team and lifting everyone’s moods.. although that does tire us out sometimes”
— B-bomb 
♥  listens to everything that concerns Block B and deals with them in a mature way
♥  Kyung and Zico were already friends during elementary school.

♥  likes Lee Young Ah
♥  first thought of Cho PD as a scary man. But when they met in person, he became comfortable with him.
♥  cyworld profile has a Nemo
♥  according to the other members, stays in bed all day.
♥  awkward with U-kwon.
♥  loves to check fashion items online.
♥  always practices singing as if his life depends on it
♥  likes reading comic books.
♥  was already preparing to be listed in the army before his debut.
♥  A Japanese BBC gave Taeil a Hello Kitty PEZ container.
♥  P.O. thinks that his Taeil hyung is a really cute main vocal.
Take from:
@ FactsontheBlock

♥  Block B has 2 ex-members, Hanhae and Mino (B.O.M Tagoon)
♥  before debut, Block B has 9 members, if Mino and Hanhae stay together with Block B, they'll have 5 rappers
♥  When Block B was asked of their first impression of Cho PD they said that he looked like a monkey
♥  After tiring rehearsals, Cho PD would visit Block B's dorm with food
♥  Block B keeps the letters they receive in a box.
♥  Block B's desire is to become the 'blockbuster' in the music industry.
♥  The official BBC dance in English will be called "Thumbs Up" dance. And in Korean, its is "Eusseuk Eusseuk clap".
♥  Block B's color are orange and blue.
♥  Block B have landed themselves their very own Japanese reality show with ‘BS11 Hanlove‘!
♥  Block B prefers to be called musicians or artists than 'idols'.
♥  “We’re a very free group. We’re not forced into a frame like other idol groups, nor are we pretty. We may be rough, but we have a definite meaning to our identity and feel that we deliver it directly. We’re a group that has a color of our own, and it’s always going to be like that into the future.”
— Block B

Block B’s bed
Below Jaehyo 's bed is Zico  and B-Bomb's bed
Below U-kwon 's bed is Kyung's bed.
Below Taeil's bed is P.O.'s.

P.O.'s bloodtype is B
Kyung's bloodtype is B.
U-kwon 's bloodtype is A
B-Bomb's bloodtype is A.
Jaehyo's bloodtype is A
Taeil's bloodtype is AB.
Zico's bloodtype is O.

Girl Type
Jaehyo: I like gentle women. Not women that hang out a lot outside, just gentle women.
Kyung: Honestly speaking, I don’t look at physical looks.  Height? Don’t need it. Weight. Don’t need it. I just need a kind heart. 
U-Kwon: I like women that look good with short cuts.
Taeil: I like actress Lee Young Ah. 
P.O.: I like cute girls, for example, 2NE1’s Sandara park senior or f(x)’s Sulli senior. I like them……..I like them…. I really like them. 
Zico: For me, I like women with pretty legs. Women with pretty legs and thighs. I really do like women with pretty legs and also girls that look good with long, straight hair. And funny girls. 
B-Bomb: My ideal woman is someone with cute dimples

Take from:
@ FactsontheBlock

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