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iseng-iseng buka home FB,ada yang kirim link tentang ini...secara aye yg punya tumblr tapi tidak dimanfaatkan, jadinya aye ngshared via blog aja.
sebenernya tulisan ini simple banget. cukup lebay untuk dipublis.tapi bolelaaah~~ untuk pengakuan seorang BBC untuk idolanya...
prepare your tissue guys, this letter can make you eyes so teaaaaaring~~
Warning ! : Sorry if i’m really weird..^^ I’m thinking if i should post this or not. ^^ It’s chessy lol ^^ but it shows my true feelings. read if you wanna read. if you don’t just leave.P.S i posted it anyway. lol sorry if it’s super loooong haha.
since i am not really good at expressing myself XD i was hungry when i typed this so maybe i’m going nuts lol
but seriously i have never been a dedicated fan until Block B came out. They are not like typical idols they have this impression that although they are celebrities they can be your closest friends XD
And no matter what angle you see it they will never fail to inspire you ^^

people may not understand 
our love and dedication
our faith and passion
they can call me crazy
they can call me obessed
but i won’t deny how they changed my life completely
people with the same passion
come together to fight for what they think is right
we maybe small in no.s
but we have the biggest heart
enough to share it to everyone
we are not just fans
we are a big family
a growing family
that welcomes everyone with open arms
doing whatever we can to show 
our love and support
 doesn’t matter how many seas in between
different language we speak
we only need our hearts to speak
how many times have we smiled and laughed
while watching their crazy antics
their crazy singing and dancing
but in the end fell inlove with their personalities

Share our perveted thoughts
our crazy imagination
our fan arts
and never ending post
How many times we all come to tumblr
to see if there’s anything new?
reblog all their pictures 
like all their videos
How many times have we worried about them 
when they leave messages when they are depressed?
How many times did our Blood pressures rise up
when music shows cut their performances?
How many times did we argue with antis
on how good and talented they are?
How happy we are when Big Boss retweets or reblog our messages.
How we think that Big Boss is creeping on us on tumblr,
youtube, tweeter and allkpop?
How many sleepless night did we spend trying to catch
Block B’s perfomance live?
Giving them nicknames with double meaning.
Funny but we all did it.
for our love for Block B
BBC is not just a fan name
BBCs are not just fans
for me BBCs is like a family
doesn’t matter whoever is behind that avatar.
some people may call it a fantasy
to dream that someday they will be big
but to us it’s our vision
and our goal
they have thrown a lot of obstacles infront of us
but it only made us strong
no it made us a lot much stronger
more passionate
We didn’t stop yesterday
so we won’t stop now
So when we look back on the past
we will see how
BNS, Block B and BBCs grow together as one big family
So we can bravely shout to the whole world
This is what our family did .This is what our family can do.
Love makes you strong.
So I hope BBCs love will make BLOCK B strong.
And i hope they will feel that they are not alone
that we will always be here to
love and support them no matter what.
that we will continue to spread their music and passion.
Someday Block B will perform on bigger stage, sing longer and fan-meets on a better venue.
but it doesn’t mean we won’t cherish all the the days they didn’t got to do that..
~BBC princesskawaiilove~

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