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X-5 is my (ex) Class

Ahaha, jadi inget kelas di SMANSA waktu kelas X dulu, yaitu X-5.lol.
ini Rookies yang bulan Mei kmarin sempet dateng ke Indonesia di acara KIMCHI. aye belom kenal sapa mereka sih, mari, kita cari tau, nyooook!!

according to wikiped

✖ X-5 (Korean: 엑스파이브) an acronym for Xenos-Five is a five member South Korea boyband formed under Open World Entertainment in 2011. 
✖ Xenos, basically comes from the Greek word meaning "stranger" or "alien".
✖ The band consists of Ghun (Leader), TaeFung, Haewon, Zin and Sulhu. Sulhu was the first member to be revealed through their official website.
✖ Followed by member TaeFung and Zin and lastly, Ghun and Haewon.

✖ On 20 April 2011, X-5 holds their Debut Showcase in Gangnam, Apgujeong. Followed by their debut stage in KBS Music Bank on 22 April with their debut song, "Don't Put On An Act" (Korean: 쇼하지마) and "Fantasy".
✖ Prior to their few weeks into their debut, they have received international calls from Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore are reportedly becoming more frequent.
✖ Open World Entertainment revealed X-5's own series titled 'X-5 Story 1' on their Official Youtube Channel to exhibits the members' different personalities to fans.

ahahah, hebatnya, dari CRs yang aye dapet, ga ada caption/keterangan nama dibawah poto mereka.and now, i must reconigze them myself...jadi kalo salah nama+penempatan pikku,MIANDE...tapi im tryin do my the best to placed it accordin their name >~<


Real name : Son Hyunseok (손현석)
Birthday: 1989.11.30
Height: 183cm
Blood Type: A
X-5’s soft and charismatic leader.

 Leader Gun put forward his sharp image and emphasized his kindness by revealing that he places the most importance on trust and warmth.
 former member of trot group 3Chongsa


Zin (진 )

Real Name: Jin Hyunjin 
Stage Name : Zin ( - nickname taken from his real name)
Birthday: 1993.07.20
Height: 189cm
Blood Type: A
Has maturity that is not expected from his age group.
Pursuing the life as X-5 quickly as a chic member.

✖ Zin’s profile revealed that he was just as tall as the group’s maknae, standing at a height of 189 cm.
✖ He’s only 17 years old, but he reportedly carries an air of maturity that stands out from his peers.


Taefung (
태풍 - Typhoon)
Real Name : Lee Donghyun (이동현)
Birthday: 1991.04.28
Height: 185cm
Blood Type: AB
✖ X-5’s ‘moodmaker.’
✖ A typical man who loves songs/music and playing soccer. 
✖ Striving for big aspirations. he will be a cool breeze in the music industry.
✖ Tae Fung is a soccer enthusiast who’s determined to become a new force in the music industry, just like his name (‘Typhoon’). 
✖ Open World also emphasized his masculinity by adding that he was “all man.”

di fancafe ada yg bilang mereka mirip. menurut aye sih yg mirip nto dagu runcingnya ye, HBU??


Real Name:Jung Haewon (정해원)
Birthday: June 20,1991
Height: 186cm
Blood Type: A

✖ Haewon is responsible for sensibility in X-5, and has therefore has established his own unique world.
✖ He likes old pop as well as playing the piano.
✖ former member of trot group 3Chongsa

Sulhu (
설후 - last snowfall)
Real Name: Kim Jinwan (김진완)
Birthday: September 07,1995
Height: 188cm
Blood Type: AB
- Innocent Maknae

 His biggest worry is his growing height.
 Thinks sincerely that to not be nervous on stage, there’s nothing but practice.
✖ Named ‘Sulhu‘, he was born in 1995 and is the maknae of the group.
 Not only were netizens surprised at his age, but at his tall height of 188 cm as well.
 former member of Xing Generation 5


debut album info:

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