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the're not my BOYFRIEND

boyfriend??eumh, i didnt have it yet.ahahahahah....tapi saya punya 6 cowok yang ngaku-ngaku jadi BoyFriend saya!!HAH?!heheheheh, kidding!! BoyFriend ini juga salah satu Hot Rookie di dunia KPOP. belom ada 1bulan mereka debut, BUSEEEEET, banyak banget "girlfriend"nya. Tapi ga salah kok, muka mreka yang cutiest abiezzz+skill yang TOP emang jadi modal yang laik buat jadi idola. Apalagi ditambah jadi "anak buah" di manajemen yang sekarang juga mulai naik dau, yaitu Star Entertaiment yang juga naungin KWill ame Sistar...
So, mari kita check profil dari Boyband imoet yang satu ini....

more info:
Starship Entertainment, the agency behind SISTAR and K-Will, has announced further details regarding their upcoming boy band!
 debuted on 26th May 2011 M!Net MCountdown with their single album "Boyfriend."

On March 23rd, the label shared a photo of two identical twin brothers, who will be members of their upcoming ‘Boy Friend’ boy band. Named Youngmin and Kwangmin, the ‘pretty boy’ twins have already caught the attention of music fans for their anime-like looks.

The first member of Boy Friend, Noh Min Woo, was unveiled through K-Will’s music video for “I Can’t Find the Words” earlier this week. The group has experience acting as K-Will’s back dancers for his appearance on “Quiz That Changes the World” in January

No Minwoo

Name: No Minwoo ( 노민우 )
Birthdate: July 31, 1995
Height: 174cm
Position: Rapper
Misc. Info:
Specialties: Acting, Hapkido and swimming.

Appeared in:
- KBS1's "My Sweetheart, My Darling" (2005) *He was a minor character
- SBS's "Ghost Pang Pang" (2007) *Appeared as Kim Chul Doo (김철두)
- KBS2's "Wife and Woman" [AKA Windy City] (2008) *Appeared as Kwon Seung Il (권승일)
- SBS's "Amnok River Flows / Yalu River Flows" (2008) *Appeared as the adolescent stage of Mirok Li
- Eleventh Mom (2007) (Movie)
- Mother (2007) (Movie)
MBC’s All My Love along with the Jo Twins.
Performed with K.Will as a backup dancer in K.Will’s My Heart Beating days along with Jo Youngmin.
mukanya mirip same Nikun ye~~

Kim Donghyun
Name: Kim Donghyun ( 김동현 )

Birthdate: February 12, 1989
Position: Leader
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 60 kg
Educational Background : MyeongJi University - Musical Science
- Leader + hyung of the group
Misc. Info:
"I can't see myself doing anything else. I want to become a singer with a huge influence on teenagers." Donghyun, being the eldest in the trainee bunch has been a trainee at Starship Entertainment for around 6 years now.
Appeared in SISTAR's PUSH PUSH and as backup dancer for KWILL.
lah, yang ini malah mirip same Seungho #bingeul-bingeul

Jo Youngmin

Name: Jo Youngmin (조영민)
Birthday: 24th of April 1995
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Star Sign: Taurus
The youngest twin, and along with his brother both share experiences in acting and performing. He starred as a student on ALL MY LOVE with his brother and Minwoo.
Jo Kwangmin

Name: Jo Kwangmin (조광민)
Birthday: 24th of April 1995
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Star Sign: Taurus
The eldest twin. He appeared in SISTAR's PUSH PUSH music video along with Donghyun and his brother, Youngmin.
As well as showing his strong dance moves with K.WILL as a backup dancer.
They also starred in MBC’s All My Love along with No Minwoo.
Youngmin performed with K.Will as a backup dancer in K.Will’s My Heart Beating days along with No Minwoo.
>The eldest twin is Kwangmin.


Name: Hyunseong (현성)
Birth Date: 1993.06.09
Educational Background : Young Dong High School 

Lee Jungmin 

Name: Lee Jungmin (이정민)
Birth date: 2nd of January, 1994
Educational Background : Seoul Music High School
no imformation yet but is rumoured to be an all-rounder right after Donghyun, and "apparently" the rapper of the group, he has performed with K.WILL as a background dancer along with the other boys.

sama kya Rookies yang lain, infonya emang rada terbatas.apalagi aye cuman ngandalin grup dari FB aja,makanya dari 1 acc ke acc yg lain, infonya sama aja

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