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Sandeul's Facts

Sandeul's Facts

© Sandeul dreamed of becoming a singer since early childhood
© For sandeul, because of their busy schedule, playing games with the other members is one of his biggest joys in life outside of training
© B1a4 considers g.o.d. As their mentors
© Sandeul and jinyoung are good at cooking
© Sandeul likes swimming.
© Sandeul joined WM entertainment in 2010
© Sandeul was chubby during his trainee days
© Sandeul’s laptop background is gongchan’s picture.
© B1a4 would always have a talk time before going to sleep every saturday.
© Sandeul easily gets excited/overworked
© Named as ‘sandeul’ coz of his image portrays a light breeze.
© has 178cm tall and 62kg make him into the 3rd as a tallest boy in group.
© Wears a High dosage glasses before Debut.
© is from Kyungnam Busan (like Hoya)
© Known for his Cute Eye Smiles
© Fans Call him “BunnyDeul” for resembling a cute Bunny
© Nickname: Psyduck(its from pokemon right ??
©O.K’s main choreography derives from Sandeul’s name.
© he gives off 100% of a refreshing feeling as an innocent boy and often gets overly excited sometimes.
©showing a cute but ditsy character when playing the card game Mafia with the members.
© Sandeul worked especially hard in dieting before his debut.
© he’s scared of knives
© he has no plans to have them held against his face
© He wear contact lenses right now.
© An essential item to Sandeul is none other than his glasses with strong dosage but whichever image he portrays, he owns overflowing charms.
© He’s good in Trot Song!
© He won ‘2010 Korea Youth Song Festival’ daesang award.
© Sandeul is gifted with an explosive voice
© In their debut stage, Sandeul wears the widest ring. That ring almost covered all his fingers.
© The first member who appeared on worldwide trending topic twitter
© B1A4 play speed games or bingo together at their dorm.
©Sandeul used to wear high-dosage eyeglasses before debuting with B1A4, but now he wears contact lens.

facts from:: http://www.facebook.com/B1A4EGGDeul

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