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RaNia make Dr Feel Goood

Lagi penasaran sama si “Dr Feel Good” neh…awalnya sih, rada ngrasa eeeeeeeeeeeeergh banget liat perfnya, tapi kyanya seeeh, si RaNia ini aja yang bisa nangkep “perhatian” aye untuk girlband debutan…
Daripada penasaran, mending nyari tau deh tentang 7cewek “buas” ini…

ada beberapa petikan sih dari Soompi ttg RaNia, yaitu :
Rookie group RANIA (short for Regeneration Idol of Asia) is set to debut into the kpop scene. The seven member girl group held a showcase on April 6th, and reporters swarmed to catch a glimpse of this much anticipated group produced by sensational producer Teddy Riley.
and, who's  Teddy Riley??
American producer Teddy Riley is famous for working with internationally popular artists like Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, and the Pussycat Dolls. It’s no exaggeration to say Ted Riley is more than RANIA’s executive producer. He was one of the key players in making decisions regarding RANIA – from concept to choreography to wardrobes. According to RANIA’s agency DR Music, RAINA stayed in Los Angeles for three months to work on their album, and their studio was frequently visited by celebrities like the Jackson family, Rihanna, and Snoop Dogg who “looked over” RANIA as they prepared for their debut.
RaNia was first announced to debut in November 2010 as a eight-member group; however, Sarah left the group before their actual debut six months later in April 2011 with the digital single "Teddy Riley, The First Expansion In Asia". 
Release date : Debut: Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on the 7th, followed by “Music Bank” and “Inkigayo” on the 8th and 10th.
Members :The group is comprised of Semi, Riko, Jui, Dee, Lee Jo, Joy, and T-ae; Joy is from Thailand, and Riko is a Korean-Japanese.
Record label : DR Music

Lee Jo

Name: Chang Yi Jiao (常一娇)
English Name: Joyce 
Position: Sub vocal
Birth Date: June 16, 1987
Weight: 49 kg
Height: 170cm
Blood Type: B
Talent: Playing piano, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo
Favorite Sport: Taekwondo  
Only a few days after their debut a new member was introduced, YiJo. She was a last-minute addition to the group after Sarah left the group, hence she did not promote the single with the group as she need more practice, however, she appeared briefly on their debut music video and on the early promotional pictures of RaNia.

Name: Kim Ju Yeon (김주연)
Date of Birth: March 10, 1989

Position : Sub Vocal

Height: 166cm
Weight: 42kg
Education: University Women Myoung Suk (majoring in media )
Language: Korean, Japanese
Favourite Color: Purple
Favourite musician: Beyonce
Riko's Movie/Drama Experience:
Drama: Deep Sorrow (young Kang Soo Yeon) -1997
Movie: Scent of a Man (young Myeong Se Bin) - 1998
Movie: Ring Virus (Young Bae Doo Na ) - 1999
Movie: Phi Thien Vu ( Young Kim Hee Sun) - 2000
Drama: SBS Juliet 's Man ( Young Ye Ji Won as Juliet) - 2000
Drama: KBS Commi Fairy ( Mary ) - 2000
Movie: The Horror Game Movie Nightmare (Young Kim Kyu Ri ) - 2000
Drama: TV Asahi - Hotelier (Tanaka Eri) -2005
CF Appearances:
Ottugi Ramyun (2002)
Coca Cola (2002)
Adidas (2002)
Daehan Investment Management Company (2005)
Anime Fortress OST
The Trax
Hero Sountrack (Lee Jun Ki's Movie) - "That's Me" Song
Gil Ohk Gyun 10th memorial album


Name: Hwang Se Mi (황세미)
Stage name: Saem ()
English name: Semi (

Date of Birth: May 4, 1989
Position : Leader
Height: 171cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: AB
Family: parents, brother and sister
College: graduated Seocho Highschool
Hobby: reading, Japanese dramas
Special ability: yoga
Favourite music genre: jazz

Favourite musician: Carla Bruni
Favourite food: mando


Name: Jutamas Wichai
Korean name: Kim Jee Hye (김지혜)
Date Of Birth: July 27, 1990
Position: Sub Vocal
Nationality: Thai
Birthdate: July 27, 1990
Bloodtype: O
Religion: Christian
Hight: 1,65cm
Weight: 45kg
Favorite Colors: Pink, Orange and Green
Favorite Food: Thai Food and cake
Languages Spoken: Thai, Japanese, Korean, English and little of Chinese
Education: Ubonratchathani University 
CF Appearances: Eversense CF with Big Bang
hiks, this onnie took a picture with my husbyyy
Joy is from Thailand and dreams of becoming “the second Nichkhun.” She was discovered at an audition in Thailand where she beat 3,000 other competitors.

English name: Lucy  (루씨)
Date Of Birth: August 20, 1990
Blood Type: B
Weight: 48kg
Height: 167cm
Famiy: Parent,Sister
Education: Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts
Hobby: Movie
Favortie Artists: Christina Aguilera,Beyonce
Favorite Food: Sliced raw fish 


Name : Kim Da Rae (김다래)
Stage name: Di (디)
Date Of Birth: October 18, 1991
Position: Rapper, Sub vocal
Weight: 49kg
Height: 171cm
Blood Type: O
Family: Parents and Younger Brother
Education: Muhak Girls High School
Hobby: Listen to Music
Favorite Artist: Whitney Houston
Faborite Food: Fried Rice 


Name: Lee Tae Eun  (이태은)
Stage name: T-ae
Date Of Birth: September 24, 1993
Position: Rapper, Sub vocal
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Listening to music
Specialty: Swimming
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Music Genre: Ballad
Favorite Musician: Ha Dong Gyun
Favorite Food: Noodles

T-ae is also known for her role as Jay Park’s sister in his movie Hype Nation


Name: Jang Jin Young (장진영)
Stage name: Xia
Date Of Birth: Nov. 15, 1994
Position: Sub vocal
Weight: 48 kg
Height: 1,71cm
Blood Type: A

Name: Sarah Wang/Wang Hui Zi (
Nicknames: Hui Zi , SaSa, Sha La La
English Name: Sarah Wang
Birth date: May 31, 1987
Birth place: Beijing
Nationality: Han
Height: 172cm
Horoscope: Gemini
Blood type: B
Features: Dancing, singing, performaning
Favorite hobbies: Swimming, skiing, horse-riding, taekwando, golfing
Family members: Father, mother, dog (little brother bear), cat (bang bang(?) little brother)
Most admired person: Mother
Worst attribute: Too forgetful (always forget a lot of important things)
Best attribute: A not so great memory (can easily forget the unwanted bad memories)
Favorite colors: Black, white, blue, purple
Favorite food: Cherry, mooncake, Chu Zhou Su Tang (?), sherbet, cake
Food refused to eat: Chinese chives, Chinese toon, mustard, all steamed fish
Things refused to do: Drinking, smoking
Favorite movies:
Taegukgi, My Sassy Girl
Favorite television shows:
Hwang Jin Yi, Full House
Favorite actresses: Zhou Xun, Betty Sun
Favorite actors: Chen Tao-ming, Jiang Wu, Deng Chao
Favorite female artists: Beyonce, Rihanna
Favorite male artist: Rain
Favorite city: Beijing
Favorite animals: Dog, koala
Most satisfied self body part: Eyes
Type of boyfriend: Hot outer appearance, mature inner appearance
Unforgettable experience: Cooking for the first time
Favorite thing to do when bored: Matching up clothing
Education: Graduated from the Training School in North King Performing Arts in 2004
United States San Diego urban fx hip-hop dance training in 2006
Awards: 2003 U.S. Youth Girls Competition Second Prize
2004, the fifth King Cycle
Metro Mandarin Awards 2005 Hong Kong combination of new forces
Youth Singing Contest in 2007 the third China-ROK diplomatic ties
2009 "Star Academy" students in the second phase of Miyoshi
2009 "Come on Oriental Angel" National Top Five
Movie she played in: Journey to the West
Theme Film Movie Channel:
Between In-Laws acted as FeiFei
Personal Experience: April 18, 2005 Debut album released around Beijing press conference (on the 100 media attended the national report)
Friendly voice on King's film
Bug Me Not (Cast: Isabella Leong)
2008 SONY700 latest professional camera ads in Mainland China
Performing Experience: Central Taiwan
6 Celebration guest performers
CCTV The Same Song
Into QingHai guest performers
Happy China guest performers
Shenzhen Window of the World Concert show guests
CCTV of Shenzhen,
Carnival Night show guests
Green China large-scale variety show guest performers
Xian Chan fundraiser guest performers
Joey Yung Guangzhou concert special guests
Hong Kong's
true love in 63 years, Emperor Group Annual Dinner guest performers
Channel [v] Shanghai annual large-scale
Wind Summer Music Festival party guest performers
Radio Television Hong Kong [Solar Project 2005 XQ Liang Sun] reporter
Hong Kong TVB
TVB 8 popular Music Space video
Hong Kong Hit Radio Mandarin Awards Prize to gain new power portfolio
Hong Kong TVB host the
2005 King's Rookie Challenge Press Conference
Southeastern Taiwan
For the Love of Dashing Forward Gentlemen, recording two programs
AM Normal # love debut album MV Actress
Xiong Rulin debut album MV Actress
2008 Mengniu
casual street dance contest judges
Dragon TV
Star Academy students
Dragon TV,
Dance Forest Congress guest performers
Dragon TV
Flamboyant Right Right Touch Gentlemen
In Progress: Currently in training camp in South Korea

Digital Singles

The group is also expected to debut in America with an English version of the digital single lead track (also included on the Korean release).
@joy_rania << JOY
@Rania_t_ae << T-Ae
@cemonne << Semi
@Rania_xia << Xia
@Rania_Riko << Riko
@raniajooyi << Jooyi
@rania_didid << Di

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RaNia FB << They claims as an Official RaNia's FB

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