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A-Pink is 7Spring

Based on Wikiped
The documentary A Pink News (aired on TrendE) first introduced A Pink to the public. The show chronicled the debut process of the members of A Pink. The pilot episode was aired on March 11, 2011. Each episode will feature a different celebrity guest as its anchorman. Among the stars who presented the show will also be included: G.NA, Mario, MBLAQ's Seung Ho & G.O, B2ST, 4Minute, 2AM's Jinwoon, Secret's Sunhwa & Hyosung.

Before their debut the girls have been nicknamed ‘Elf Idols’, and the image has helped them in garnering contracts, like with jewelry brand “Cottiny“, and beverage brand “Ceylon Tea“.
A Pink (Korean: 에이핑크) is a seven-member South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment. They debuted on April 19, 2011 with the EP Seven Springs of A Pink, and rose steadily in popularity.

On April 13th, A Pink released their music video teaser for their debut album, Seven Springs of A Pink. Done under the concept of ’spring ladies’, the seven members expressed the different charms of the spring season and emphasized their innocent beauty.[1] A Pink released EP "Seven Springs of A Pink" and the Music Video for "I Don't Know" on 19 April 2011.[2]The MV also stars B2ST's Gi Kwang.

A Pink made their first live debut stage through M.net's M! Countdown on April 21, 2011, to further promote the album.
They had their first official fanmeet where it was revealed that their official fanclub name is "Pink Panda".

♥ Son Na Eun 

Na Eun was revealed to be a 17-year-old trainee under Cube Entertainment's sub-label, A Cube Entertainment. She featured in B2ST’s "Beautiful" and "Soom" music videos, and now she’s undergoing preparations for her singing debut.

Son Na Eun (손나은)
1st Member of A Pink.

Birthday: February 10, 1994

Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Position: Vocals
CF: Beast / BBQ
MV: Beast 'Soom' Korean Version
Beast 'Beautiful'
- She is the girl in both Soom, Beautiful and Stop being mad at me MVs of Beast.
- Friend of After School's Lizzy.
- Apink's center because she is the median age of group (her reason)
- Specialty : Dance, Singing, 
- Position in group actress & Singer
- Appeared in B2ST's 'Soom' Korean Version and B2ST's 'Beautiful'
- Learnt Chinese
- Nickname : GoToNyu cause she carries sweet potato and tomatoes in her bag (according to yookyung)
- Wants to go on programs that give delicious food, so she can eat
- Her hair texture makes her better than others (what she thinks)

♥ Park Cho Rong
Second member of A Pink is Chorong, revealed through Beast's Shock Japanese PV.

Park Cho Rong (박초롱)

Birthday: March 3, 1991

Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg 

Position: Leader, Rap, Vocal

CF: Beast / BBQ
MV: Beast 'Shock' Japanese Version
Beast 'Beautiful'
Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/Apinkpcr

- She was revealed through Beast's Shock Japanese Ver PV teaser.

- Leader of the Group & Oldest

- Born in Buhwangri, Cheongwon 
- Appeared in B2ST's 'Shock' Japanese Version & B2ST's 'Beautiful'
- Described herself as warm, country girl
- Whilst others described her as a prickly girl and cold (instead of warm)
- Special skill is Hapkido, learnt since childhood : 3rd grade black belt
- Doesn't think she is photogenic
- Calls herself adult actress (& bomi a child actress) cause she doesn't have a fresh image
- Does a 5 sets of 20 sits up

♥ Oh Ha Young
On the morning of February 21st, A Cube Entertainment set up their own Twitter account and welcomed Oh Ha Young as the third member of A Pink.

Oh Ha Young (오하영)

Birthday: July 19, 1996
Height: 167cm

Weight: 46kg
Position: Vocals
CF: Beast 'Beautiful' 

♥ Jung Eun Ji

Fourth Member to be revealed in A Pink. She was revealed through A Cube's Twitter singing "I Love You I Do" and was said to be the main vocalist of the group.

Jung Eun Ji (정은지)

Birthday: August 18, 1993

Height: 164cm
Weight: 47kg
Position: Main Vocals 
- Main vocalist of the group

- From busan

- Specialty : Piano
- Wants hayoung's height
- Says she is the strongest of the group
- Every other member appeared in B2ST's Beautiful MV but her
- Calls herself 'Happy Virus'
♥ Hong Yoo Kyung
Fifth Member to be revealed in A Pink. She is known for her talent in playing the piano, nicknamed as "The Classic Idol".

Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경)

Birthday: September 22, 1994

Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Position: Vocals
CF: Beast / BBQ
MV: Beast 'Beautiful' 
♥ Yoon Bo Mi
Sixth member that revealed through A Cube's Official Twitter.

Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미)

Birthday: August 13, 1993

Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Position: Vocals, Rap
CF: Beast 'Beautiful' 

- Dancer of the group
- Atmosphere maker
- Learnt taekwondo since childhood : 3rd degree black belt
- Specialty is taekwondo & dance
- Chorong mentions that Bomi has something that pops and she is cute (a.k.a child actress)
- Yoon Doojoon's Cousin (unofficial)<< HUAAA, SHE'S MY COUSIN TOOO
♥ Kim Nam Joo
Last Member, Kim Nam Joo

Kim Nam Joo (김남주)
Birthday: April 15, 1995
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Position: Rap, Vocals
MV: Beast 'Beautiful' 

- Vocals and rap
- Calls herself tireless energizer
- Strongest (to herself) but Hayoung and Eunji says they are
- Good with impersonations
- Calls herself Beyonce
- Appeared in B2ST's 'Beautiful' MV

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