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Gongchan's Facts

Gongchan's Facts

¨ Gongchan doesn't like Science.
¨ Gongchan knows a little english
¨ Gongchan was a Keyeast trainee

¨ Nickname: Shih Tzu, Crong (T/N: crocodile character from Pororo the Little Penguin)
¨ his hometown is Junam Soon-chun
¨ The maknae and the chic-baby in the group
¨ is the 2nd tallest boy among the grup after his hyung, CNU
¨ Known for his Awkward Smile
¨ Popular for his “Rifle Gunshot” Move
¨ is the most excited and noisy to pick an outfit
¨ Very Stylish
¨ Gets Bullied by other members
¨ Chosen as the most “Chic” member on the group by Jung Jinyoung
¨ his smile can charge hyungs strength
¨ The eldest child in his family
¨ has a mature side that comes from being the eldest in his house
¨ he takes care of his hyungs well even if he’s younger
¨ ever said, “These hyungs look the coolest when they have an impromptu session in the practice room where Baro beatboxes, CNU raps, and Jinyoung and Sandeul sings”
¨ His first recording didn’t come out as well as it did when he practiced coz he was so nervous.
¨ Gongchan’s own voice froze to a point where he couldn’t hear it at his first recording.
¨ Gongchan flashed a smile called as ‘shining halo’ by his hyungs
¨ he also has a slightly clumsy appearance.
¨ The clothes he wears often, the items he bought recently, and his treasured items are all training suits.
¨ His ideal-type -> “who has a cute bunny-like or frog-like face, only loves Gongchan, and needs to match well with him like bread and butter.”
¨ Enjoys ballads the most
¨ wants to be a singer who can digest various songs, no matter what genre it is.
¨ Gongchan has a clear voice color and clean falsettos
¨ He want to win the rookie award
¨ “I want to hurry and try having our own concert. It’s the goal I want to achieve the most as B1A4. My largest goal is for people around the whole world to know about us. So we should do our best to that point, right? We’ll work hard to not disappoint and will show sides of ourselves that satisfy your anticipation!”
 ¨ ‘Since we gathered as B1A4, let’s make achieve our goals and say fighting while going to the end!’

from : http://www.facebook.com/B1A4TurChan

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