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double B!!

Cho PD juga ga mau kalah ngproduserin Boyband. Ajushi yang botak ini, ga tau deh skarang mase botak ato kaga yang juga aktif sebagai seorang Disc Jokey ini emang namanya udah ga asing lagi di dunia sonoooo tuuuh *nunjuk Korea*. Noooh, buat yang mase juga blom kenal Cho PD, gugling sendiri dah, coz, aye pengen ngbahas "anak buah"nya doank, yaitu... BLOCK B!!!

ß Block B (블락비) is a South Korean boy group created by Cho PD under his label Brand New Stardom.
ß  On April 15, 2011, they made their debut on KBS Music Bank with their promotional single, "Freeze" ("그대로 멈춰라!").
ß The group consists of 7 members: Zico, Jaehyo, Taeil, Kyung, B-Bomb, U-Kwon, and P.O.
ß The members of Block B have dancing, rapping, composing, and singing experience.
ß Their debut single, titled "Do You Wanna B?" consists of three tracks.
ß Block B is short for the term Blockbuster, with the group having high hopes of making it big in the music industry.
ß The group has its roots in hip hop, but have interest in branching out into different genres.
ß Their official fanclub name is called BBC (Block B Club).
ß In February 2011, Cho PD announced that he would be spending $1.4 million USD to create a seven-member hip hop group under his "Creating Korea's Eminem Project."
ß He added that this septet have been mentored by other hip hop artists, including Verbal Jint, Skull, and Rhymer.
ß He announced for them to debut in April 2011.
ß The group garnered explosive interest both in Korea and overseas prior to their debut.
ß On April 13, 2011, their debut music video for "Freeze" was released.
ß On April 15, 2011, the group made their live debut on KBS Music Bank. The group followed up with another track off their single, "Wanna B."
ß Block B has made several appearances on both radio and variety shows, including "Younha's Starry Night" and "100 Points Out of 100."


Woo Jiho (우지호)

born September 14, 1992
better known under his stage name Zico (지코)
the leader and rapper.
Zico was formerly an SM trainee and has recorded several mixtapes.
He was made leader by Cho PD due to his experience in the music industry.
Twitter : @zico92


Taeil (이태일)
Real Name: Lee Taeil (이태일)
born September 24, 1990,
the main vocalist of Block B.
He was formerly on MBC's audition program 위대한 탄생.
Twitter : @bb_taeil


Lee Minhyuk (이민혁)

born December 14, 1990,
better known as B-Bomb (비범)
one of Block B's four vocalists.
Twitter: @blockb2011


Jaehyo (안재효)

born December 23, 1990
sub vocalist
He is also an internet ulzzang who also appeared on Mnet 꽃미남 아롱사태 with actor Song Joong-ki.
Twitter: @blockbhyo


Kim Yukwon (김유권)
born April 9, 1992
known as U-Kwon, is a sub vocalist
twitter : @u_kwon


Kyung (박경)
born July 8, 1992
is one of Block B's three rappers
He has participated in Zico's mixtapes and studied abroad in New Zealand before debuting with Block B.
Twitter : @blockbkyung


Pyo Jihoon (표지훈)
better known as P.O
the maknae (youngest member) and a rapper.
Twitter : @pyojihoon


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