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Baro's Facts

Baro's Facts

ª  Nickname: Squirrel, Baramji (T/N: Daramji is squirrel in Korean, so they switched out the da for Ba as in Baro), Alvin from ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’_
ª  92 lines, same age friends with sandeul
ª   Known for his Famous Catch Phrase “Yallu~”
ª   Known for his Trademark “Caps”
ª   International Fans Gave him the Nickname “HamBaro” for resembling a Cute Hamster/Hamtaro
ª    Participated in making all the Rap for all the songs in their 1st Mini Album
ª    Likes Running
ª  is the shortest among his group
ª  Baro is the energizer and vitamin-like figure in B1A4
ª   He’s the only boy who has B-blood-type in team.
ª   He used to not care about small things back then.
ª   but after being with his A type members, they make time to gather and talk with each other once and week and he thinks his blood type is slowly becoming similar to theirs
ª   was hard for Baro to wake up early and get ready fro school coz of the long distance between their dorm and his school.
ª   but Baro still diligently went to school although the dormitory has about a 2 hour distance from his school
Baro said his school life was fun
ª  B1A4 company told Baro not to forget the duties as a student.
ª    he overflows with energy anywhere
ª  He is also lively
ª    he quickly loses his energy by the afternoon
ª    he had a burning will of wanting to have an all-night concert with their fans one time
ª   The infinite energizer, who wants to jump around like crazy with fans while performing all night and rest a bit when he’s tired, then perform again and enjoy the music and stage
ª    If there’s a person he loves, he plans to gift them a rose and write lyrics for that person then rap it to them
ª    Baro freely creates beatboxes
ª    he’s a talented person who can make any sound that’s possible to create with one’s mouth
ª    Baro is so respects says he is still lacking and wishes to learn rap skills from Tiger JK senior
ª    When baro was a trainee, he approached U-Know Yunho for an autograph.
ª    Baro’s hometown is same with DBSK Yunho, Gwangju.
ª    DBSK’s Yunho wrote “Let’s meet on stage in 2 years’ time” for Baro’s autographed CD
ª    Yunho actually remembered Baro, They met again on Baro’s debut stage in Mucore~
ª    Baro has his voice as an instrument.
ª   He can do Bigbang’s ‘Haru haru’ and Supreme team’s ‘dang dang dang’ rap so good

from>> http://www.facebook.com/B1A4HamBaro

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