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have you ever noticed Lee Ki Kwang(Beast) his Black Rings..on his hands???

Lee Ki Kwang who finally revealed the story of his Black Ring..(the other one)
" i have many different kinds of Black ring i always wear on stage,but there is one ring,that i can't even take off on my hand,it was given to me and its special to me, my best friend in High School,who is now a trainee,actually its a girl,she give it to me before my Debut in Beast/B2st group,she believe in lucky things,she said the black ring is a lucky thing to wear,so she give me this,and i think its effective,and I'll treasure it and take care of it.."

but some netizen said.." why they have same ring? and same where they put it?ki kwang tell the truth.." (lol)
yeah, itu yang berhasil aye kutip dari http://www.6theory.com sebenernya ini berita lama sih. gw asal ngbrows, eh baru ketemu kalo ada berita ini..
gw sih ga masalahin cincinnya kikwang kembaran ama cewek ato enggak, secara bukan bias gw sih #plak...
tapi kalo kembaran ama cewek SEBENING kya begini, HANYA ORANG STRESS YANG CEMBURU...gilak, lu pada ga liat, cewek ini cantik banget?!ga salah kikwang make "couple ring" bareng cewek bule gini..

 hey, Kikwangah, kalo elu udah couplean ama cewek begini, napa masih nglirik Yoona?? Jang Soo Onnie more prettiest than Yoona...