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WGM couples next year... please tell me this AIN'T TRUE

my 1st post in 2011 is this RUMOR...
i REALLY HOPES that's still HOAX

We Got Married couples for 2011:
1. Chansung & Jooyeon (My Sungie and the Dead Weight Jooyeon??please, paired Sungie with other smart gal)
2. Wooyoung & Nana (i love this pairing. they looks match other. but i think, MIR will be jealousy)
3. Cheondung & Yuri (WAW, the gal will more look "gentleman" than the guy)
4. Kikwang & Yoona (IMPOSIBLE. i think, WGM never pairing "matching couple". we all knows, KiKwang had said if his type is YoonA... so, Kikwang will HAPPY if this rumor becoming true)
5. Eli & Hara (Hara will be lucky girl. Eli is a man who can protecting his girl...oooough, i want to be Eli's couple too #plak)
6. Yoseob & Jiyeon (Magnae's couple??oh God, please dont take Yosoeb in this show...he cant "play" with a girl)
7. Dongwoon & Chris Ho (TILL NOW, im still searching who's the girl with the name "Chris Ho". you know what, my google's result show Chris Ho is a MAN.LOLS...hey, Chris Ho, please show where you are!!)
8. Donghae & Dara (Perfect couple...yes, they're handsome+beautiful couple. i hope they'll upgrade WGM's rating)
9. Seungri & Krystal (this is the reason, why my TimeLine [in twitter] become crowded. yeah, almost my VIPs friend is dislike with GB in SMe.so, when this couple appear on net, my TL like a war place. actually, i have same opinion with the other, Ri-Krys isnt good couple)
10. Taeyang & Hyosung (WHAT?Taeyang??HAHAHAHAH... a God of Son will be a husband??WGM will get less rating.btw, HyoSung is Secret's Leader, rite)
11. Minho & HyunA (yeee, i want this couple be real.my TL will be more funny if this couple being in WGM)

Don't know if it is real or not.

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