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past or future!

give me kinda sun to let it snow!

*when i writing this post, im still replay-reclick-return  a song*
miande, if i must #pickone of the subteam's song, i'll choose LET IT SNOW.
idkw i really love this song. bcozing R&B type??mollayo... till now, i don't read the eng sub lyric,  so i cant say Let It Snow have "my criteria loveable type". or the SINGER?? absolutely NOT.even Lee KiKwang (for now, not for the past) and Jang HyunSeung is'nt on my top biased..
'When the Door Closed' and 'Thank To' are good songs too. actually, i didnt like Ballad genre. even the singers are my "husbands", When the Door Closed cant take my attention. but i love their evil-angel and piano's perf... JunSeob is my BEST Pairing, they're sings a pop too, the song is full of "thankfull" to all b2uties. But (again) Yosoeb's sweet vox and Joker's charismatic rap can take my finger to more clicking their duet. *idkw, please dont throw stones to my head bcoz i didnt like 2 other duet*
hope someday, im getting bored and get 'When the Door Closed' and 'Thank To' chemistries. So i can replay those songs, to make 3songs of my lovely subteams always in my iTunes topplaylist...

well, like i said before, my playlist full of SNOW!!lols~~

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